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Manual of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Laboratory Sciences

Book Published by Dr pankaj Talwar

Volume One:- Basic Sciences And Clinical Art

  • This Volume contains twenty Five Sections with the essentials of Anatomy, Physiology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Microbiology, Human Reproduction, Genetics and Human Reproduction, Immunology and inferlity.
  • The Authors of these chapters have shared their knowledge critically by comparing and concluding the current world trends.

Volume Two:- Clinical Embryology And Andrology

  • This volume is wholly dedicated to the Laboratory Practice in ART. It has seven sections with forty two chapters.
  • This section is dedicated to principles and contemporary techniques that will empower the reader. This book introduces the Recent advances in ART laboratory, newer instruments, cutting edge technology advances and expanding knowledge of safe handling of gametes.
  • The panel of editors ensures that reader will get knowledge in a stepwise manner.

Volume Three:- Clinical And Laboratory Algorithms

  • This book contains Thirty nine chapters based on clinical and laboratory algorithms of ART clinics.
  • It is a quick reference guide with easy to follow Lab related topics. This Compilation will be served as a Reference Material to the readers.

Books Published

Embryology for Beginners

  • This Book is compiled with the help of Prof. Kuldeep Jain, Prof(col) Pankaj Talwar VSM, Dr. Jayant Mehta
  • It is a course book for the beginners pursuing Embryology Certification.
  • It demonstrates the basic or advanced knowledge of Clinical Embryology to obtain the most internationally recognized clinical embryology certification. This book is a synopsis of the key facts and concepts of human development. It is intended for students who are taking a human embryology course
Book Published by Dr pankaj Talwar
Book Published by Dr pankaj Talwar

Salient Features

  • This video atlas consists of 20 interactive DVDs featuring over 130 videos providing a comprehensive overview of Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
  • The complete field is demonstrated, from set up and protocols of the laboratory, to patient preparation, ultrasound, and actual ART Techniques.
  • Accompanying book consists of 25 chapters covering In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).
  • Enhanced by more than 550 images and illustations.

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Salient Features

  • Aims to discuss the relevance of science of Molecular Cytogenetics in modern-day medicin and assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs).
  • Principal and protocols pertaining to Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology have been dealt at length.
  • Peripheral karyotyping and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques are highlighted.
  • Useful for clinicians, gynecologists, reproductive biologists and embryologists.

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Salient Features

  • A Comprehensive manual of cryobiology for Assisted Preproduction and Stem cells.
  • Basics of slow freezing techniques, vitrification methoddologies and its application in freezing reproductive cells and tissues have been discussed in detail with pictorial representation.
  • Includes interative DVD-ROM containing 44 videos and Power Point Presentations which make the understanding of the subject easy.
  • Text has been contributed by the experts in their field
  • Invaluable resource for the clinicians, reproductive biologists and embryologists.

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Salient Features

  • Fully up to date with the latest advances in equipment and techniques for In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).
  • Divided into two sections, the book begins by describing IVF procedures and includes a chapter on fertility preservation in female cancer patients.
  • Enhanced by nearly 70 images and illustrations.
  • This comprehensive manual covers essential clinical aspects and common clinical embryology.
  • Integrates the relevance of science in reporductive biology and its practical application.

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Book Published by Dr Pankaj Talwar

Salient Features

  • This manual is a comprehensive guide to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and Clinical Embryology.
  • Beginning with an introduction to ART, the book discusses embryology and provides a step by step description of different types of Art.
  • With contributions from international experts.
  • Includes DVDs illustrating different laboratory and cryobiology protocols.

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Salient Features

  • This resource is an attempt to simplify the much-complicated subject of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART).
  • As easy-to-follow approach has been maintained to describe all clinical embryology procedures.
  • Clinical management of patients undergoing ART has also been dealt with in detail.
  • All recent advances in the subject have been included to keep the text updated.
  • Text is aided with illustrations and flow diagrams.

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books published by dr pankaj talwar

Books in Compilation

Sr No Name of the Book /Monograph Month and year of publication Name of the publisher with place
01 Illustrated photo atlas of ART 3 volume Set 2015-16 Jaypee publications.
02 Manual of embryology ESHRE guidelines 2015-16 Jaypee publications.

Chapters Contributed in Book In Indexed Books

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  • Pankaj Talwar & Pooja Awasthi. Cryopreservation of Ovarian Tissue. Textbook of Assisted Reproduction. 2018 (In Press).

Chapters Contributed in Book In Indexed Books In Press

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