Cocoon and Butterfly


Once a man found a cocoon of a butterfly in his garden. He noticed intensely as a small opening appeared in he cocoon and saw that a small butterfly was trying to come out of the opening.

He sat quietly and observed the butterfly for several hours as she struggled to force its body out of that small hole.

Man noticed that at one point of time struggling butterfly suddenly stopped making any moments and looked as if it was stuck.

Man out of sympathy decided to help the butterfly escape from the cocoon.

He took a pair of scissors and nicked off bit of the cocoon to help the butterfly escape comfortably.

The butterfly now escaped easily and was able to move freely but had shriveled wings.

The man kept observing and hoping that she would open her wings and fly. But that didn’t happen.

The tiny butterfly spent the rest of the day unable to fly and crawling around with small wings and a puffed-up body and died.

Notwithstanding the compassionate heart of the man, he made a mistake by not understanding the restricting cocoon and the struggle required by the butterfly to get itself through the small opening. It was the predestined way of butterfly gaining strength and evolving. This painful journey prepared the butterfly for flight and survival.

Moral of the Story

Our struggles in life evolve us, developing our strengths and survival skills. Life is our personal battle and we have to fight it alone

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