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Clinical and embryology academy of ART

Clinical and Embryology Academy of ART – i-Ceat

A subsidiary of ARTech India is being initiated with the heartfelt and authentic intention to help young embryologists & gynecologists learn various ART techniques (Ovulation induction, OPU, ET, IUI, embryology, ICSI, semiology Cryopreservation) from a teacher of teachers.

The academy provides a podium for initiating and perfecting Assisted Reproductive medicine and embryology skills in you.


Motto of e4


Clinical and Embryology Academy of ART – What we can do for you

  • Providing academic support to young clinicians and embryologists of India and abroad.
  • Encourage one-to-one interactions and raise the levels of core competence.
  • Organizing short Trg capsules for your teams to learn the basics of infertility.
  • It would be ensured that each participant receives ample hands-on practice in addition to the necessary and instructive theory lectures.
  • Specially designed course materials to cater to your entire requirement from IUI to IVF.
  • Simulator-based and hands-on Trg in Embryology and Endoscopy.
  • Teach ethical and clean practice points, which are legally acceptable as per the existing guidelines.
  • The unique one-on-one training makes the courses flexible in the course content and the timing to meet your specific needs.
  • Hands-on sessions would be preceded by an exhaustive theory discussion relating to the clinical ART procedures, operational issues, and maintenance of laboratory equipment.
  • Prime Focus would be on developing your clinical and laboratory skills, enhancing your Efficiency and swiftness, and molding you into an ideal reproductive clinician and embryologist.