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Coping up During IVF: A Big Challenge

  • Some may find that starting treatment is a positive experience but others may feel very disappointed that they have to face intervention.
  • Most women may fear the actual process but waiting for results is often the most difficult part of treatment.
  • Days seem to pass very slowly and it can be a time of acute vulnerability and sensitivity.
  • You may argue with or avoid your partner and your daily routine may be affected.
  • IVF is not a single event but rather a series of steps or hurdles where each stage has to be crossed before tackling the next one. This is a very tiring process.
  • If IVF fails it leads to double disappointment because it means again having to decide what to do. So it can be sad and frustrating.
  • You may feel more vulnerable, sad, anxious or angry than usual.
  • Take less interest in things that you previously enjoyed.
  • Stay in more and avoid situations where you encounter small babies and pregnant friends.
  • Arguing with partner over trivial issues.
  • Flare up at your friends over little things they have said.
  • Responses to the medications used to stimulate the ovaries during IVF vary enormously.
  • Some women have no symptoms while others feel emotional and much more prone to tears, anxiety, and irritability.
  • Some feel uncomfortable with bloating, headaches, tiredness and other symptoms.
  • Ask questions to the doctors, counsellors, and clear all your doubts about the procedure and likely outcome.
  • Better not to tell too many people when you are undergoing treatment.
  • Pace yourself and have breaks between cycles.
  • Try to plan treatment when there are no other stressful situations in life.
  • Try to keep life in balance and don’t let IVF take over every month.