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Big wait after embryo transfer to a positive result – what to do?

Stress Management During Infertility – After embryo transfer, it takes around 2weeks for pregnancy test results. This two weeks period is a time of high anxiety, worry, and frustration for women trying to conceive.

  • Try not to obsess about pregnancy symptoms, some of the medications can have side effects that resemble symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Keep busy -This may mean working more or planning or fun distractions.
  • Allow yourself only 15-30 min a day to think about pregnancy
  • Write down your thoughts and discuss them with your partner or family members or friends.
  • Try some relaxation techniques such as breathing exercises or meditation.
  • Avoid pregnancy tests before the scheduled time as medications may also cause a false-positive result.
  • Try using the positive reappraisal technique to encourage yourself to find some positive points in what you are experiencing.