Research Work Undertaken

AFMRC Projects

Principle Worker

Primordial Follicle Isolation and In Vitro Maturation

Comparison of sperm vitality in fresh semen with that in sample frozen intact with seminal plasma and after density gradient technique using glycerol cryoprotectant in fertile males of Indian Armed Forces.

To study the embryonic HLAg as a marker of developmental potential in embryos.

Large Collobrative project : Approved by DGAFMS in the Expert committee meeting by DGAFMS at AFMRC meet in 2015.

‘To perform aneuploidy screening for embryos using Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening Technology in highrisk cases with advanced maternal age, recurrent abortions and history of chromosomal numerical abnormality in the previous pregnancy.

Departmental projects

Study of human sperm motility post Cryopreservation.

Surgical sperm retrieval and pregnancy outcome.

Sperm function test in severly oligospermic semen samples.

Sperm vitality correlation in pre-freeze and post thaw.

Blastocyst transfer in ovarian Hyperstimulation cycles.

Study of Sperm morphology of infertile males visiting the ART Centre.

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