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Here are the facts that you need to know:

  • Sperm and semen are not the same : Sperm is a typical name given to the reproductive cell which looks like a tadpole. However, seminal fluid is the place in which tadpoles swim. They together form semen that carries for fertilization.
  • Sperm is affected by what men eat : The quality of sperm and the sperm count is directly affected by what a person eats. Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin C, and solid Vitamin B6 are some of the important vitamins and nutrients that improve sperm quality and sperm count. Changes in the diet can have a huge impact on seed and agility.
  • Most of the sperms are not useful : Often it is seen that males focus on the number of sperms. However, that doesn’t work, for conceiving, it is important for sperm to swim and reach eggs for fertilization. Most of the sperm is of poor quality as they do not reach eggs.
  • Sperms are perfect for your immune system : Sperms are not formed in a male body by the time the system develops to differentiate between what kind of cells are part of the body and which are not. This means according to the immune system sperms are invaders. That is why the testicles Shield the sperms in complex ways from the rest of the body.
  • Sperm takes 75 days to grow in testes : Man makes sperms around 1500 in every second. However, it takes around 75 days for sperm to grow in the testis and reach the egg for fertilization.
  • Semen contains all nutrients : Sperms contain Vitamin B12, citric acid, lactic acid, magnesium, zinc, calcium, fat, Sodium Potassium, and 100 detox routine all these multiple nutrients and proteins combine to form most of its simple water.
  • Very less semen comes out : Many people have this misconception that semen released often is too much by anyone. However, on average, semen release ejaculation is between 1.5 to millimeters which is around a teaspoon. However, on average, your body produces 20 million to 150 million sperm.
  • Semen quality changes with age : However, that’s not entirely to men at the age of 52 can produce more abnormal sperm than the younger couple ever on average. The production is higher in 20 as compared to later age but it can vary for different reasons.
  • Semen is not supposed to smell bad or can be yellow : Semen should not smell bad or yellow in color. If semen is a stinking indicator of larger issues such as infections or transmitted infections. There are chances that the change in color is due to food or eating u healthy food.
  • Semen is not for nourishment : Despite girls, semen is not a source of nourishment. So, do not use nutritional content to convince someone otherwise.
  • Conclusion : These are some of the interesting facts about semen. Whether you are trying to know more about semen for conceiving or not, these facts will help you know how semen plays an important role in our body.