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  • Once fertility treatment has been initiated, transvaginal sonographic monitoring of both the endometrium and follicular development starts.
  • Your endometrium is evaluated for both the thickness and morphologic pattern.
  • Endometrium evolves from a thin less than 4 mm echogenic linear appearance early in the menstrual cycle to a trilaminar or multilayered striated appearance measuring up to 12-14 mm in the periovulatory stage.
  • Endometrial thickness increases on each subsequent sonogram st during the 1 half of the cycle. Clinical pregnancy rates are reported to be highest when the endometrium measures more than 9-10mm in thickness at the time of embryo transfer. Endometrium of <6mm correlates with decreased likelihood of full term pregnancy.
  • Patients undergoing transfer of embryos frozen during a prior stimulated cycle, only require targeted endometrial evaluation with attention to morphologic appearance and thickness to determine optimal timing of the transfer.
  • It is preferred to transfer embryos when the endometrium demonstrates a trilaminar appearance and is 7mm or more in diameter.

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