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Ultrasound is done in an IUI cycle on

  • 2nd day of menses (D2) to look for antral follicular count, any ovarian cysts like follicular cysts, corpus luteal cysts etc
  • Ovulation induction drugs (clomiphene citrate 50-100mg / letrzole 2.5 mg) are given to you starting on 2nd or 3rd day of cycle of your menses if endometrial thickness is less than 4 mm and no follicle of size more than 6 mm is seen , for a period of 5 days with or without gonadotrophins.
  • Most of the dermoid cysts are silent and are incidentally detected; however some may be symptomatic due to large size resulting in compression of adjacent structures. Torsion or rupture
  • Trans vaginal sonography is started from 9th day of menses every alternate day depending upon the follicular response.
  • Once the dominant follicle is ready ie of 20-22 mm size ovulation trigger in the form of injectable Human chorionic gonadotrophin 5000/10000 IU is given.
  • IUI is done 36 hrs after the Inj HCG Trigger with prior Ultrasonography to look for rupture of the follicle.