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Diagnosis of Infertility – Young minds and hearts which are jubilant and ecstatic with the thought of starting their families and having children are shattered by the news that they can’t become parents on their own.

Whom to talk to and share the news and ask for help is the prime concern of young couples. Privacy of their lives is breached and so are their dreams and aspirations.

Individuals react to the diagnosis of infertility differently and it is normal to ask ‘Why me?’ and to feel sad, angry, worried or just totally shocked. However, for most people, it is the momentous emotional impact that takes them by surprise.

In our experience, they react to the situation in different ways depending upon their social support, spiritual evolution, and surrender to the situation.

Couples may be shocked or surprised and pray that this is a wrong diagnosis. They may not know how to react or may become quiet and isolated.

Some of them become angry, frustrated and blame each other and God for what is happening to them. They repeatedly ask themselves and us – why it is happening to them out of all people known to them.

Latter on the feeling of isolation sets in, initially from immediate friends, latter families, and then from themselves.

Finally, a great sense of loss occurs next some with constant grieving with the thought of delayed parenthood. Occasionally the negative emotions become excruciatingly intense and substantially demoralizing.

Learning to recognize the impending negative emotional conflict is necessary and it is essential to understand that facing these paralyzing issues at the onset is essential.

Facing the problem together with an ethical guide in the form of a compassionate IVF specialist, having trust in the family, and maintaining optimal spiritual and physical health are the cornerstone of infertility treatment.

Keeping these in mind we would be regularly writing on this platform various emotional outcomes of infertility management and methods to lessen if not completely eradicate the stress associated with the infertility treatment.