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IVF Appointment Dr. Pankaj Talwar
  • Normal Uterus on Ultrasound – The uterus is a pear-shaped reproductive organ in a female of size 7cm in length and 4 cm in width in the reproductive age group.
  • Its size varies with the age and parity of the women.
  • The uterus has a body, cervix and two fallopian tubes one on each side.
  • It is either Anteverted (tilting forwards) or Retroverted (tilting backwards).
  • On USG uterine relation to surrounding organs like ovaries, bladder and bowels can be assessed.
  • Cervix as seen on USG with a clear layer of mucus in the cervical canal is a favourable sign reflecting the good level of oestrogen production.
  • An important aspect of fertility scan is the examination of the endometrium in the assessment of endometrial receptivity based on the appearance like triple layer with the minimum thickness of 7mm and increased blood ow on colour doppler studies.
  • On the 2 days of menstrual cycle i.e. D2 endometrial lining is thin as most of it is shed.
  • On the 9 day of menstrual cycle i.e. D9, the triple-layer pattern is seen due to a gradual increase in the thickness of the endometrium due to the effect of the hormone called oestrogen.
  • On the 21 day of the menstrual cycle i.e. D21 the endometrial lining is homogenous and thick due to the effect of the hormone called progesterone.

That’s all about normal uterus on ultrasound.