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When Diagnosed with Infertility?

  • Shock, surprise or denial – A feeling that it is not true and not knowing what to do?
  • Anger and frustration – Being angry with others not able to understand what is happening to you.
  • Anxiety, fear, or panic – All thoughts are confusing.
  • Isolation – Being withdrawn and out of touch with your partner
  • Sense of loss – Fearing loss of motherhood, fatherhood, loss of pregnancy may continue throughout the infertility treatment

It depends upon

  • How you interpret the situation
  • How you responded to past stresses.
  • Other events happening in your life.
  • The type and level of support you get.

Though all your emotions are normal it is important to not let these feelings go on for too long and affect your life. Learning to recognise and managing your emotional feeling about infertility is as crucial as looking after yourself physically.

  • Talk about your feelings and fears with others especially your partner. Talking helps you to clarify the situation and identify areas of concern.
  • Do yoga, exercise, and meditation to manage stress
  • Gather information from other people who dealt with same issues eg. books, online, counsellors. This will make you feel more in control of your situation.
  • Attend medical appointments with your partner
  • Deal with the current issues try not to think too far ahead