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Stress Management During Infertility – After Embryo Transfer

Big wait after Embryo Transfer towards positive result – what to do?

Stress Management During Infertility – After Embryo Transfer, it takes around two weeks for pregnancy test results. This two weeks period is a time of high anxiety, worry, and frustration for women trying to conceive.

    • Try not to obsess about pregnancy symptoms, some of the medications can have side effects that resemble symptoms of Pregnancy.
    • Keep busy -Couples should divert themselves from new activities.
    • Believe in God and Trust your IVF specialist, moreover allow yourself only 15-30 min a day to think about Pregnancy
    • Manifest Positive Results and keep writing down your thoughts and discuss them with your partner or your wellwishers- someone close to your heart.
    • Try some relaxation techniques such as light exercises and Yoga, meditation, and staying positive .
    • Avoid pregnancy tests before the scheduled time as medications may also cause a false-positive result.
    • Try using the positive reappraisal technique to encourage yourself to find some positive points in what you are experiencing.
    • One should not do pregnancy tests on its own.
    • (Prof)Dr. Pankaj Talwar, an Infertility Specialist stated that doctors counsel against it.
    • To prove a pregnancy, all IVF patients should wait for an official blood test rather than using at-home kits purchased at a local pharmacy.
    • Patients will return to our office two weeks after the embryo transfer to obtain an official pregnancy test.
      Only then will patients and fertility doctors know for certain whether or not the IVF cycle was effective.
    • The majority of pregnancy tests will be planned 12 to 14 days after embryo transfer.
    • The embryo will either implant along the uterine membrane or become no longer viable by that time.
    • If the pregnancy test comes back negative, patients have a few choices. We can try again with IVF in the hope that the next cycle will be successful, or we can explore other options.
    • Our staff is here to assist you in making the best decision possible given your situation and resources.
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