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How to manage stressful situations during infertility treatment?

  • It can be hard to be happy for others who are having babies and it seems everyone around you are pregnant and have babies. It is a normal feeling and this experience will one day be behind you.
  • Avoid going to maternity hospitals when someone delivers, instead go and meet them at home quietly.
  • Avoid situations where there may be many young children.
  • These seem to emphasise what you don’t have.
  • Plan to visit your family and friends beforehand so that you can be free to spend the festival time quietly.
  • Be selective in accepting invitations by avoiding events in which pregnant ladies and children are involved.

Loss of pregnancy is always hard but it becomes more difficult when it has taken so much time and treatment to become pregnant.

She may feel surprised and guilty that she is not joyful about her pregnancy fearing that it may not continue. This could make it hard to relax and enjoy. Talk about the fears and support of the people around her will help.

  • It is a time of mixed emotions.
  • Most people know when to stop and seek relief from the constant procedures and disappointments.
  • She may decide to stop treatment because she is exhausted and she need to accept that she won’t have children from this treatment and that sadness and anger is normal.
  • There will be mixed emotions of relief and sadness.