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There are many couples who are unable to conceive. It is unfortunate due to different reasons they are not able to conceive. That’s where technology helps them. IVF is one of the most advanced and effective methods that couples can use to become parents who were otherwise finding it difficult. If you are one of those who are looking for IVF you need to understand what IVF is and what are its pros and cons.

IVF- In Vitro Fertilization is a type of medication that is used to stimulate the development and release of women’s eggs. The egg and sperm are collected to fertilize in a laboratory. Then the embryo formed in the laboratory is placed into the woman’s uterus. Let’s find out some pros and cons of IVF:

Pros of IVF

Blockage in Fallopian Tubes: Many couples do not realize this until they face the problem of infertility. Often there are chances that the email fallopian tube is blocked which results in a pelvic infection that leads to infertility. When you are diagnosed with pelvic blockage, you can use IVF treatment to attempt pregnancy. During other pregnancy options like IUI Artificial insemination, it is important that the fallopian tube is open while with IVF, there is no such requirement

Lack of Ability to Fertilize the Egg: Generally, male fertility is the 40% cause of couples that need assistance in pregnancy. One of the major issues is the quality of sperm. In most cases, the quality of sperm fails to fertilize and creates infertility. With IVF the sperm and egg can close the proximity and fertilize the fertilization of egg for pregnancy.

Ovarian Failure: Young female premature ovarian failure or Peri-menopausal women that have low ovarian reserve can lead to infertility. In such a situation IVF can be a great option to conceive and achieve a successful pregnancy.

Same-sex Couple: Gone of the days when same-sex couples were used to consider taboo in society. Now slowly accepting same-sex couples. For such couples who wish to have a child, IVF can be a great opportunity to help them become parents. IVF Technology with sperm donors can help such couples with pregnancy.


Unsuccessful: Just like any other treatment, IVF is not a guaranteed treatment though the chances of failure are comparatively less. That doesn’t mean that the IVF cycle cannot be unsuccessful. The chances of its success depend on women and how your specialist proceeds.

Side Effects: IVF can be a great opportunity for couples to become parents. However, it comes with the chance of developing side effects. There is a small chance of developing Severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome but fortunately, the chances of this are small. During the process of IVF, there are many medicines that take place that can have side effects on your body.

Emotional and Psychological Toll: When you go through IVF treatment patients will find it emotionally and physically challenging. This can be a stressful experience for a partner as well as a family. So it is important for people to prioritize their psychological as well as emotional health during such procedures.

Expensive: IVF can provide hope for parents who are not able to conceive. However, one thing that can restrict them is the expense of IVF treatment. From medication to blood tests the cause can quickly burn a hole in your pocket.

Conclusion: IVF can be a great solution for many couples. However, you need to vary the pros and cons to ensure the best results. Keep

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